Can I have my pet vaccinated?
We are currently vaccinating puppies and kittens with their first vaccinations, and dogs having their first booster at 15months old.
If you are bringing puppies or kittens to us for vaccination, please bring them in a carrier to enable us to collect them from you safely.

We are postponing any adult cat or dog vaccines for now. It is fine for your pet to go up to 3 months over their due date for annual vaccination.

Can I have my pet neutered?
Although important, routine neutering is not critical right now. If you feel your pet has an urgent reason to be neutered, please email us to discuss this.

How can I get medication or food for my pet?
If you have a request for repeat medication or flea/worm control for your pet, please email us on reception@pvgvethospital.co.uk
Please be aware medications may take longer to prepare as we are not currently receiving deliveries on a daily basis as we normally would.
We can arrange a ‘no contact’ collection from the practice or we can post medications out

Can I still bring my pet to see you if they are ill?
In order to reduce non-essential journeys, and protect you and our team, we are doing most of our consultations by telephone or video call at the moment. If our vets feel it is necessary for your pet to attend the practice for physical examination, tests or treatment then we will arrange this with you.
If its course, your pet has an immediate life-threatening emergency, our reception team will instruct you to come straight to the practice.

What happens if I have to attend the practice with my pet?
We are following government guidelines and currently not allowing any owners into the building with their pets. Our vets will telephone you whilst you are outside to discuss your pet’s condition, and then will collect your pet from the car park, take them into the building for examination, call you to discuss the finding and plan, treat your pet and then bring them back out to you.
Payments will also be taken over the phone.

What if I am self-isolating or ill?
Please do not come to the practice if you are self-isolating or ill. If at all possible we would encourage you to ask a friend or family member to bring your pet or collect medication as necessary. If this is not possible at all, please discuss this with our reception team so that we may help serve you best.

Can I have my pet’s nails clipped or anal glands emptied?
Due to the restrictions, we are only able to provide these services where your pet is genuinely in distress through pain or discomfort, such as in growing or torn nails.

How is the best way to contact you?
For nonurgent enquiries, repeat medications or for and worm control, please email us on reception@pvgvethospital.co.uk
If your pet needs urgent attention please call the surgery on the normal number for your branch

What happens when if I need to bring my pet to the practice.
If you are instructed to bring your pet to the practice, we are practicing strict social distancing measures. Clients are asked to wait in the car park, your pet will be collected from you. If your pet will fit in a carrier, please bring one. Our vets will take and history, and discuss any treatment recommendations with you over the phone. Reception will take payments by card over the phone. These measures are all in place to keep both you and our team safe.